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The Story Behind “The Cancer Effect”

Unexpected Journey

I will always remember the day I learned I needed a biopsy on a suspicious mass discovered in my left breast.  I was completely lost.  The shock of the news sent me spinning and I didn’t have a clue how to proceed.  Each step on this journey brought new twists, turns, bumps, and detours, which I  gradually tackled, one by one.  Upon reaching the end of the long treatment road, I realized I left my emotions at the beginning.  I used all my energy to fight the physical battle and now faced the task of making sense of the complicated feelings that accompany a cancer diagnosis.  I thought the physical journey was difficult.

Why I Wrote

After finishing eight grueling months of chemotherapy, I began writing my story.   It was therapeutic, allowing me to sort through the inner turmoil  I couldn’t shake.  Emotional survival was just as important as the physical and I saw the wisdom in sharing with others what I discovered along this precarious path.  Maybe, just maybe my words could ease the journey for someone else.

My story is also relevant for the family who must watch and care for a loved one diagnosed with cancer.  As they walk with me down the cancer road, they get a glimpse of the thoughts and struggles facing cancer patients.  I show how family and friends play a vital, supportive role in assisting their loved one to conquer the challenges ahead.

The Cancer Effect was written to help us all survive the disarming effects of cancer.  We need to support each other as we move forward after hearing the words no one wants to hear.  To quote my editor, “Wow.  I feel like I just passed through the most incredible journey.  You have brought the reader right into your world.”  I hope The Cancer Effect does the same for you.

The Cancer Effect is available on Amazon.

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