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The Cancer Effect

The Cancer Effect is the true story of my journey with breast cancer. I share it with the hope of helping others who face a cancer diagnosis, as well as their families who are compelled to travel with them.

This book took six years to write as I learned to navigate the physical, mental and emotional effects of cancer. If my experiences help you know you’re not alone in this journey, and if you find hope and courage in the pages of this book, I have succeeded in more than just surviving.

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“In The Cancer Effect, Claudia Bretzing provides the reader access into the mind of a cancer patient, honestly sharing her journey from diagnosis to recovery. The Cancer Effect is a compelling read, offering inspiring insights and hope for the patient and family.”

Richard Paul Evans
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“The Cancer Effect is a compelling book that takes the reader through the journey of breast cancer. Claudia’s honesty, raw emotion, courage, and humor are inspiring. A must-read for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis as well as for those who love them.” Lauri Benson, M.Ed.

“The Cancer Effect is an extraordinary read that I could not put down! As a survivor, I felt like I was reading my own story. Claudia’s emotional and physical journey resonated with me as I connected heart to heart with her struggle to rise above the ‘rubble’ and ‘muck’ that comes with a cancer diagnosis.” – Shawna Banovich, Breast Cancer Survivor

“This book is a must-read for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. Patients, Healthcare providers, family, friends, and loved ones can share the journey of this brave woman as she shares her personal thoughts and emotions in The Cancer Effect. The real, honest writing style is simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphantly optimistic. Bretzing has provided an invaluable resource for anyone who finds themselves traveling down this road.”

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