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A Dozen Christmas Roses From My Dad

I guess you could say I'm a kid at heart, especially when it comes to Christmas.  I'm the first to put up the decorations, and the last to take them down.  I partly blame my dad for my obsession with…

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A Faux Thanksgiving

A Tempting Proposal It all began with good intentions.  Randy knew I worked hard on Thanksgiving day (not to mention the weeks leading up to it) and he wanted me to relax and enjoy the holiday.  I taught school at…

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Because of Lisa

Four days after publishing The Cancer Effect, I heard the news that no one wants to hear.  Lisa, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer only months before I received the same news, passed away.  It couldn’t be.  I didn’t…

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A Page from “The Cancer Effect”

As each day went by after my first chemotherapy, I felt increasingly worse.  I received my treatment on Wednesday and true to prediction,  had reached a low point on Saturday and Sunday.  Nausea was managed by taking the prescribed medicine every four…

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Lighten Up, Mrs. Bretzing

As another school year nears an end, I recall the feelings I experienced as a teacher during those final weeks in May. The students are restless, the teachers are tired, and we can almost taste the sweetness of summer vacation…

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A Mother’s Heartbeat

"Call your mother.  Tell her you love her.  Remember, you’re the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.”   Rachel Wolchin A mother’s heartbeat is first heard by the fetus at approximately 18 weeks.  By the time…

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Kids in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what cooking looks like from the eyes of a seven-year-old?  Each year I ask my first graders to share their favorite recipes which I compile into a cookbook for Mother’s Day.  Here are a few excerpts that promise to…

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Sedona Vacation Goes South

It was the second week in January, and Randy and I were on the road to Sedona, Arizona for a much anticipated vacation. The month after Christmas is always a let-down for me, and so my thoughtful husband planned a…

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