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Kids in the Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what cooking looks like from the eyes of a seven-year-old?  Each year I ask my first graders to share their favorite recipes which I compile into a cookbook for Mother’s Day.  Here are a few excerpts that promise to entertain!



1 English Muffin
Peanut butter (enough to fill up the tip of a knife)
Honey (10 seconds long)



Take an English muffin and cut it in half.  Put both halves into a toaster, because our toaster does two at a time.  Set the toaster at one centimeter before the 5.  After the 5 is too much!  Take the English muffins out and put peanut butter on them until you can barely see the muffin part.  Then put honey over the peanut butter for 10 seconds and spread it!


10 Oreos
1 box vanilla ice cream
1 Lucky M&M
Whipped Cream (however much you want for the top)


Take out the white stuff in the Oreos (unless you like the white stuff, then leave it in).  Put the Oreos in a bag. Smash up the cookies with the flat side of a cooking hammer.  (Don’t use the spiky side.)  Put the crushed up Oreos in a pan like thing and flatten it for the crust.  Put the ice cream on until it comes to the top of the pan.  Leave space for whipped cream.  Stick the Lucky M&M in the ice cream with a spoon. (Don’t use your fingers!)  Put the whipped cream on the top.  We usually put a few crushed up Oreos and sprinkles on top.  If you get the Lucky M&M, you get a couple of dollars!


2 eggs
1 cup fat free sugar
2 cups flour
3 cups strawberries for the inside
5 strawberries for the outside
2 white frostings

Mix eggs, sugar, flour and 3 cups of strawberries all together.  Next taste it to see if it’s good.  Put it in a pan and set the timer for 2-10 minutes.  When the timer goes off you let it cool and then you decorate it!


3 teaspoons of cheese
4 cups of milk
2 cups of sugar
4 wafers

First put in the sugar and then the milk.  Spin it around and add the cheese.  Put the 4 wafers in a pan and pour the mixture in.  Put it in the oven set at 45 degrees for 1 hour.  You know it’s done when the oven goes “DING”.  Let it cool down.  Put cream on top.  Wait until after dinner to eat it!


Claudia Bretzing

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    1. This is just a sample from the many cookbooks I saved over the years! I still enjoy going back and reading them!

  1. Lol! Oh my goodness those are adorable!!! I especially loved the “fat free” sugar ha ha and the lucky m&m is such a fun idea! Thank you for sharing! =>

    1. I think the boys would love the Lucky M&M idea! You should try it in their least favorite vegetable!

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